Why Struggle In Life?

Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash

While studying in school, we all may have wished not to have anything to do at all. We probably have given it thought that what if we did not have anything to do. Even many people, even years after graduating, always think that way. They think that what if they had nothing to do. What if they could be happy without all of this hard work and struggle. obviously, hard work and struggle are difficult things why would not someone try to have a happy life without them. I was just wondering what if we really had nothing to do in life. But I do not think that humans can survive this way. Because, after a certain amount of leisure time, humans need something to work with. They always demand to have something to spare their thinking about. You may have seen people who think that getting settled in life is what they want. While some people choose not to marry because they value some other thing besides marriage. Some people are very workaholics. Some want to have children they associate this with their meaning of life. In any case, the point is clear that humans always want something to proceed in life. They take different paths and make different choices just to have something in life that seems meaningful to them. You may have watched the Netflix Show “Black Mirror.” In the 4th episode of season 2. There is a scene in which a girl’s cookie was used to communicate with her. She was there alone with nothing to do. After spending so many days not doing anything at all. She was begging for anything to do.

It is clear that we as humans always try to find something to do, something to keep ourselves engaged. Something that we would like to pursue. Something that can become the pursuit of our life. But here’s a thing that is very weird about pursuits. That is, once we get what we were pursuing. It starts getting boring for us. It is the point when we want to achieve more of it or we want something else at all. The struggle is what keeps us interested. It is something that makes us feel good about our achievements. This is because the struggle is something more concrete than our achievements. We should always be looking for struggles to have in life.

Here the question arises that should we keep pursuing every other thing we hear about or should we stick with some of the pursuits and let the rest of them go away?

It is good to experiment with things in life to discover what is your real taste and what is the thing you want to pursue. But, you can never always experimenting with things and never discover what is your real passion or pursuit. The above GIF is taken from a “Black Mirror” episode. She is saying, I’ll do anything. People who always keep experimenting and never come to know about their real passions are just like this girl from Black Mirror. They never find anything that they can feel passionate about. They just keep on trying different things and not getting even close to what they actually want. The problem with doing this is that they never want to taste the reality. Everything has its own pleasures and sufferings. People like this get bored of anything because they think that they will become extraordinary very quickly. While in reality, you have to work for years to become extraordinary or even good at something.

As every human have different talent and abilities. Anyone can not become good at anything. So we should choose wisely and always go in the direction of our interests. We should realize that suffering is inevitable. We can never avoid it rather we can have good sufferings in our lives. Suffering that we can handle. So while choosing, always look for rather you can bear the sufferings or it is not your cup of tea.

At last, to conclude I want to say that firstly, we should find a reason for doing anything at all. And lastly, we should keep trying to have good reasons in life.