A Road To Success For Nations

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Almost everyone knows about the 5G war. Every country is trying to defeat any other in the field. Every country wants to be the number one to introduce it. The reason is clear and simple that technology has become a thing now. It has changed every single field in this world. In fact, it has given birth to many different, interesting, and whole new fields of life which humans have never even dreamt of without it.

The only thing that can be the guarantee of a nation to be superior to others is to prove its metal in the field of technology. The only thing that can make any nation outstand is technology. This is the reason why every country is trying to be the first in introducing not just 5G but any other type of technology. Moreover, 5G is a big venture which can generate huge revenue for any country.

There was a time when countries wanted to be superior on the basis of industries which they have put in their countries. Those were the days of industrialization. But now things have changed with the progress in technology. Now many more things are replaced by machines, human life has become more easy and sufficient.

Now in the days of present many countries that are not that much developed are far away in the fields of technology, this makes their place weaker and makes it difficult to survive among others. These are the countries that are mostly third-world countries.
Besides this, the countries which are leading in the fields of technology are not close to the list of third-world countries.

In the modern days of the 21st century, the best way for any country to be successful or outstand among others is to do a very handsome amount of good in the field of technology. This is the shortcut or key to success for any country or business nowadays.

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