In The Search For Truth

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In the search for truth, people mostly stick with their part of reality. They say that they are seeking truth but they never come even close to the truth. In the search for truth letting go of one’s own biases is a prerequisite. One does not even get a chance to at least see the land of truth from distance.

Society shapes every human. In the process of this shaping, society gives certain norms, traditions, beliefs, and culture. Which we have to accept. Some people question and even challenge them, but, most of the people simply accept them. The people who accept them are the ones who try to stick with their norms no matter what. They always say that what our ancestors have told us to do is the only right way. They become the right-wing people. They always try to keep defending their right-wing. They when encountered with a leftist feel unsafe and get into a fight mode.

On the other hand, there are people who try to revisit the societal norms and try to shape them correctly. These types of people tend to question the norms and traditions. But, they usually go for a certain kind of approach. The thing that is strange about them is that they all think and question the traditions and norms of society. But, end up being the same as all others like them. They all end up being the same. They never get to something new after questioning the societal norms, rather they get to the same point where others have reached. These become the left-wing people. They always try to keep defending their left-wing. They when encountered with a rightist feel unsafe and get into a fight mode.

Both types of people are extremists in their own way and they both hate each other. They both do not want to accept any differences. They do not have any room for that. All they have got is their ideology and beliefs which are super perfect to them.

As we were talking about the search for truth, none of them is in the true search for truth, as they all are standing for their biases. The one who is in real search of truth stands for the truth. He/she considers every word of truth he/she gets either from the left-wing or right-wing. The only thing that matters to him/her is the truth regardless of the group, or person he/she is getting it from. As it is a famous quote that:

“It is not who is right, but what is right, that is of importance.”
- Thomas Huxley

The path of moderation is the key. Even if you ever get stuck in the two extremes of anything in life try to go for a moderate approach as it will benefit you. The person who is in search of truth knows that he/she can get to know about the truth from any side. Even though the groups, individuals, left-wing or right-wing are standing for their own ideologies, yet they still own some amount of truth. Which a truth-seeking being will gather and would get to the full picture of truth.




I'm writer | full of curiosity | I write about things that make me curious.

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Waqar George

Waqar George

I'm writer | full of curiosity | I write about things that make me curious.

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