GoodByes Are Upsetting

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Whenever I’m reading a novel, by the end of that novel I’m found myself saying this to every single character, “please do not go.”
I hate goodbyes. This same feeling I get while watching the last episode of a series. This gives me feelings of saying goodbye to every single character. Which makes me sad. By the time people develop a connection with the characters and when it is the last chapter or the last episode, it is really hard to say goodbye. It is actually painful sometimes.
I had this experience recently of saying GoodBye to beloved relatives this week. I went with them to the train platform to see them off. Before the departure of the train, I was having final conversations with them through the window, as they were on the train and I was on the platform.

The feeling of saying goodbye to a character or a loved one is the same. I was experiencing the same kind of sadness. While coming back I was thinking of the time that we had in the time when they were here. I was recollecting every single moment of togetherness.

After finish watching a series I usually go through the interviews of the actors and actresses of that series, or I also watch my favorite scenes from that series. This makes me feel good, this pulls me out from the goodbye sadness.I feel that those characters are still alive and they are there in their world I can meet them in my favorite scenes.
I had this feeling when I was having my last conversation with them from the window of the train. We were talking about the time we had together. This was actually comforting and this also made us less upset. The last conversation proved to be a little comforting for us.

I was wondering how much hard it was for the people of those days when people do not had phones and they were used to have contact through letters. Saying goodbye is hard for us, but it was even harder in the old days of letters.

It is the age of smartphones we can still talk for hours on phone we can have video calls we can share every bit of our lives through our phones. Yet we were still upset at the time of departure. Although we are connected on our phones but people who are special in our lives, we still demand moments of togetherness, we still seek for the reasons by which we can have a meeting. We have a few things unchanged even after the invention of smartphones.




I'm writer | full of curiosity | I write about things that make me curious.

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Waqar George

Waqar George

I'm writer | full of curiosity | I write about things that make me curious.

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