Fashion Masks

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Everything is fashion. Everything that you wear. Anything that you use is part of fashion. From your night clothes to formal dressing. From your wristwatch to sunglasses and hairstyle everything is fashionable. And nowadays, even the mask you wear is part of fashion.

Initially, we only had the conventional masks. Which were and are being used by medical professionals.

Surgical Masks

These ones are the most common. These are made of three layers. And are considered good to protect you from infections or allergens in case you have any allergies. When anything is in high demand it becomes short. The same was the case with these masks in the early days of the virus. Which resulted in fake manufacturing of the masks. So, many people suggested that you can check whether your mask is real or fake by trying to blow the candle while wearing it. If it blows then your mask is not real and real if it does not.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

As it is clearly visible in the above picture that these masks are three-layered. And are good if not the best for the protection of one’s from infections, viral disease, and allergens.

N95 Respiratory

In the case of close settings, where you have to be very near to the infection. You can use it. As it is designed for these types of settings. It also has edges that are best to seal around the nose and mouth. It is best suited for politicians, celebrities, medical and health professionals, etc.

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

A thing that is to notice is the valve that it has on it. It helps in breathing by allowing exhalation. This can help people to wear it for a long time. As it is hard to do with surgical masks.

After a while when people started wearing masks. The fashion industry came up with a new idea. They started creating stylish masks. They started selling masks with the dresses. So, here are a few masks that became fashion masks. Now we are going to talk about the types of masks that are common in people who are not medical or health professionals.

Ninja Masks

These are one of my favorites of all. These ones are simple but stylish at the same time. It also seals the mouth and nose better than the surgical ones. They are also comfortable to wear as they do not move up too much, or they do not create any breathing difficulty.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

In some of the ninja masks, we also have a respiratory valve which is for ease of breath.

Wedding Masks

Considering the comfortability and demand of ninja masks. Every brand followed its design and started producing them in different designs, colors and patterns. During the functions like weddings, It was mandatory to wear masks. The clothing brands started introducing matching masks for the brides. They became so popular and still today they are in trend.

As it is clearly visible that the color, patterns, and designs of masks are in matching with the dress. This can also be seen in grooms. Following is an example of a groom's wedding mask.

Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash

DIY Masks

Following this trend, people starting creating it in their homes. By using a piece of cloth they started making it for themselves. This also became popular in markets and people started selling these ones also. These types of masks were and are still more popular in females. Because of the patterns and colors, most of them have usually go with females.

Photo by Tsunami Green on Unsplash


Talking of females, another thing that was popular in this matter was. scarfs and hijab. Females who were used to do hijab or were used to wear scarfs kept going with their styles and did not wear masks instead they started using their scarfs and masks. This made them look differently styled.

Photo by Muhammad Adil on Unsplash


In the case of males. The thing that is popular in this matter other than ninja masks is neck gaiters. The most basic quality that it has is that it is good to wear in the winter season. It can warm your neck as well as fulfill the requirement of wearing a mask. The neck gaiters are also comfortable to wear. They have some benefits as that of ninja masks. Comfort is more valued in the case of men’s fashion.

Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash

Although all of these clothes are not worthy to be compared to the masks that are used by medical professionals but these are good for common people to use as they have to wear a mask for protection and also they are not the people who get too much exposure with the virus.




I'm writer | full of curiosity | I write about things that make me curious.

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Waqar George

Waqar George

I'm writer | full of curiosity | I write about things that make me curious.

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