Android 11 & Windows 11

Over the course of time, we have come to this point where we are getting updates on both the operating systems. On one side, we have Android 11 and on the other, we have Windows 11. We will be discussing the updates and new features of both systems. Since we are the consumer of both OS we are interested in both updates. Let’s talk about the new features we get in both.

In Android, we will be getting this new way to communicate without getting disturbed. Many times you would have experienced that you are trying to focus and get a task done but, your friend is texting you can't say no to your friend either. In this case, you keep switching through apps which reduces your focus. But, now you don't need to do this anymore. Because in Android 11 you can do whatever you want and have conversations at the same time without switching apps. You have the bubble feature through which you can use messenger without even switching to the app.

In windows, we have the conversation feature. Not just through skype, but now you can chat through the Microsoft teams to connect to your friends and family. It will be pinned to the taskbar.

In android 11, we finally have built-in screen recording. We do not need to download any other app for this purpose now. Moreover, most gamers were used to struggle with the internal sound in screen recordings. Even if they can download the screen recording apps, they were not able to solve the internal sound issue. But, now it is not a problem anymore. We do not just have the built-in screen recording app, we can also record the internal sound in our screen recordings.

In Windows 11, we have the simpler, elegant, and minimalistic type of homepage. Microsoft kept things simple as they said;

“We’ve simplified the design and user experience to empower your productivity and inspire your creativity.”

If you want to crop or share a screenshot. You will first capture the screenshot, and then will go to windows to crop or share the picture. The biggest purpose of technology is to make things easier for us. So they have done to the screenshot. Right after capturing the screenshot, you get a screen where you can crop and share your screenshot right away.

Here we have the snap layouts feature in windows 11, It is again for the same purpose, to increase your creativity and productivity of the user. You can switch to the different apps, can stay focused and productive.

We are in the era of smart homes. So we have device control options in android 11. We can control all of our smart home gadgets with our phones. Your room temperature, lights, doors everything now you can connect and control from your smartphones. Moreover, you can screen share without installing any other app. You can also switch from headphones to speakers without missing any beat.

In windows 11, we have widgets for the first time. Microsoft has put all of the focus to make it more convenient and aligned to the user's comfort. This feature is also an example of that. They have introduced widgets to make our home screen easier to use and user-friendly.

With Android 11, you get more security and privacy. You get your apps up to date, and your phone with the latest defense.

In windows, we will see the app store for the first time. We can have all the android apps available on the app store for windows. It is the most exciting thing for me. It will be an all-new thing to experience. This will may create a possibility of not installing any emulator anymore.

As always, the new android version will be available on the latest devices that are made for the greatest and latest. All new devices will be compatible with this version

While in the case of windows. Every user of the last windows i.e. Windows 10, will be able to update to windows 11. They can enjoy this new and excited Windows 11.

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