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In the search for truth, people mostly stick with their part of reality. They say that they are seeking truth but they never come even close to the truth. In the search for truth letting go of one’s own biases is a prerequisite. …

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People usually do not try different things. They tend to stay in their circle of familiarity. We should rather explore the other sides, and other ways that we never tried. The same goes with the dressing. Men usually wear very typical colors which are common in men. But today we…

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Life is a constant struggle and everyone has different struggles in life. Everyone has a different kind of battlefield to fight their battles. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Thus everyone can never have the same kind of battles in their life. Everyone’s story is different, everyone’s life is…

Technology has always been contributing to the fields of health and medical sciences. From the manufacturing of stethoscopes to the smart gadgets of nowadays technology has been observed in the service of health and medical sciences. But today we will be discussing some of the smart health inventions.

Smart Shirt

Whenever we get to hear about smart wearables. Smartwatches and smart bracelets are what comes to our minds. But today we will be discussing some of the smart wearables that are not this common as compared to smart-watches.

Smart Fingers

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Whenever I’m reading a novel, by the end of that novel I’m found myself saying this to every single character, “please do not go.”
I hate goodbyes. This same feeling I get while watching the last episode of a series. This gives me feelings of saying goodbye to every single…

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Caring about our dressing is something that is necessary for us. Either we are too conscious about it or not we do care about it at times. People usually start following others in this matter. They try to dress up like other people which they admire. We should be having…

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When starting our day we sometimes have a bad experience at the very start of our days, that one bad experience can ruin our experience of the remaining whole day.
One single experience can shape the attitude of our whole day. The same goes for a good experience, it can…

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We are living in the age of screens. Even if we try to get rid of the screens because of the disadvantages we have because of it, we cannot do it. As it is the age of screens. From ordering food to doing something for timepass we use screens. This…

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Last week, in the previous article we talked about digital wellbeing. We talked about how the digital wellbeing system can help us improve our lives and manage to get some time off from screens.
But by the end of that article, we came to know that one can even turn that…

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