5 Things To Headstart Our Days

When starting our day we sometimes have a bad experience at the very start of our days, that one bad experience can ruin our experience of the remaining whole day.
One single experience can shape the attitude of our whole day. The same goes for a good experience, it can also shape our whole day in a happy space.
What if we consciously start doing some of the things that can be helpful in giving a head start to our days. We will be discussing some of the habits that we can develop to give a head start to our days.

1. Make Your Bed

Right after you get up from your bed. Make your bed!
Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor of psychology and clinical psychologist suggests this to give a head start in our days. The idea behind this is that making our bed is the easiest task one can do in the mornings and it can also give us the pleasure of completing a task as making our bed is a thing to do.

2. Say Good About Yourself

Words influence. Anything that we say and think has an influence on our minds, actions, and decisions. We become what we keep saying about ourselves. This is the reason believing in oneself is a thing. When you see yourself in the mirror in the morning do not say bad to yourself. Instead, be kind and loving towards yourself. Say good things to yourself because this will shape the rest of your day.
One thing that you should have in your mind about positive affirmations is that do not act delusional. Rather say those things that are actually good about you because saying no factual good things can also lead to becoming delusional about your own self.

3. Smile

In the morning whenever you get to meet your favorite person or you have a funny conversation with your friends you found yourself having a good in fact a day full of laughter and smiles.
In the article where we talked about laughter therapy. We saw that how a fake laugh can create the same impact and can also turn into a real laugh.
We have the same point here. If we start our days with a broad smile on our face we will be having a good experience for the rest of our day.

4. Prioritize Tasks

In the morning we need to be sure what we will be doing today. This can lessen the burden of our day, and planning can also make things easier and simpler for us. We should be looking for the most important tasks that we can do and then the least important ones chronologically.

5. Start With The Best Suitable Task

We should go for the best suitable tasks with which we can get done as soon as possible. We should be looking for a task that is short and can be done in a small amount of time. The logic behind this is the same that was in making our bed. Doing something that is short and is a thing to do will boost our self-esteem and will give us the power to have a good day.



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